Saturday, September 3, 2011

Carnival Party!

Candy Bar/Cake & Banner

Balloon Dart Station

Favorite Station for all the kids was the Gold Fish Station!

Ladder Ball Station

Face Painting Station

My Neigbor Kelly made this amazing cake!

Wow look at all those clowns!

Ring Toss

Bean Bag Toss

Today we had a 7th Birthday Carnival for my son Ethan! Wow so much fun! We had seven stations set up! 1) Balloon Darts 2) Football through the hula hoop 3) Ring Toss around the Coke bottle
4) Bean Bag Toss 5) Face Painting Station 6) Ladder Ball 7) Fish Toss !
The Biggest hit I believe of the party was each child got to bring home a gold fish as a prize! (Hope to many parents weren't upset!)
And instead of having goodie bags we did a candy bar! That was so much fun, I think the parents enjoyed some of the treats as well!