Tuesday, August 3, 2010

12x12 Scrapbook/ Invitation

My mom just retired this last week and my sister and I wanted to make her a special invation that she would be able to keep forever. My sister made her a poem and I scrapbooked it onto a 12x12 scrapbook page. I thought that maybe she will want to frame or place it in a shadow box! Sorry the pictures aren't very well. I took them with my phone camera and in the car on my way to my mom's work on her last day.
Here is the poem that my sister wrote:

A True Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away,
There lived a lady who was beautiful and worked hard every day.

She worked at a bank, showing what she could do,
Keeping the customers happy, was what she knew.

She got up every morning, got ready to go,
Knowing her day would be filled with numbers to show.

She had two daughters that were demanding and fussed,
Always wanting something, everything a must.

So, she looked in their eyes and would continue to work,
Giving what she never hd, was all it was worth.

And even though the days turned into years and they got very long,
She always buckled down with her heels hurring,never missing her daughter to sing a song.

Finally, the day came, when she would count no more,
She would stay home with her Harvey, and the world they would explore.

No more daughters to support, all the wedding had been had
Just time with the grandkids, a time to be glad.

The customers would cry, as banking would never be the same,
A friendly fact they would miss, oh, what a shame.

But her family is happy and celebrating for sure,
Saying a big THANK YOU that is noting but pure!

So goodbye to the long days, that took all her years
Hello to the happy times... the GOLDDEN YEARS!

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