Thursday, March 1, 2012

Subway Art

So about a year ago now we remodeled our downstairs bathroom and for about a year I've been looking for some type of black and white art to put on the walls.

When we were in Leavenworth (a small Bavarian town in Washington) I bought a canvas with subway art for about $50.00!  Just recently I found  some subway art at Marshall's and TJ Max for $16.99!  Cheaper yes! But I had an idea that I could make it even cheaper!

This is my first attempt at subway art! It's not perfect but I kind of like it that way!  I plan on covering all the walls in my powder room with subway art for some bathroom reading material! Ha, ha!

So do you want to know how I made this?!?!
First of all I bought a canvas at Michael's! It was 40% off! I paid a few dollars for a blank canvas!

I have so many alphabet stickers from scrap-booking and to be truthful I really don't like using stickers! And these ones I used on this canvas were super tacky! Not my style at all!

I looked for some fun quotes, placed the stickers on the canvas and then used acrylic paint over the letters! I let it dry for about an hour and then peeled off the stickers! And PRESTO! Subway art for really $3.00!

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