Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Decorations

 Made these cupcakes for our adult Halloween party! They looked very cool but I guess they didn't taste so good. To much black die?!?! How do you get the frosting to not look purple, be black but still taste good? Open to suggestions!

               Pat and I bought all these cool bottles and antique stores and then we bought Martha Stewart
labels and decorated them adding colored water to the bottles!  That bottle really does say Witches Brew not "bitches"!

Banner I made today! It took me about an hour to make! Need to finish on part I want to put googly eyes in the center of the "O's"!


naomef said...
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naomef said...

What type of die are you using for your cupcakes? I use the gel found in the baking section at Joanne fabric it works very well without using too much.

Rebecca/Becky a.k.a Becks said...

I bought the Wilton black icing color! The frosting tasted like dye!